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bug (solved) This category covers any bugs that have been solved. If you discover a locked bug that you believe may still be present please open a new thread, or continue the discussion.

Category definition for bug [bug] (2)
” character showing as †in PO line item description in pdf [bug] (2)
Client invoice not downloading [bug] (4)
Unable to delete a payment [bug] (4)
Estimates Not Viewed [bug] (5)
Zapier - Invoice Notes mapping issue? [bug (solved)] (10)
Custom email subject line not showing up now [bug (solved)] (16)
Back Button NOT working -Draft Sales Invoice [bug (solved)] (4)
Bank Tagging Auto Tagging On/Off toggle doesn't cancel [bug (solved)] (3)
InvoiceName in email subject [bug (solved)] (7)
Purchase_Search API method not respecting ReceiptDateFrom [bug (solved)] (7)
Tags in receipt hub not saved [bug] (7)
Incorrect totals on invoice [bug (solved)] (7)
Non-GBP Opening Bank Balance ammendment [bug (solved)] (6)
Project tags removed when invoice is deleted [bug (solved)] (5)
API Purchase invoices and EC VAT [bug (solved)] (7)
Supplier turnover report bug [bug (solved)] (4)
Zapier Webhook - New Client Problem [bug] (3)
Can't include journal items on bank CSV export [bug] (3)
Token has expired ( 2 ) [bug (solved)] (22)
Advanced search not clearing [bug (solved)] (5)
Bank Account not showing on BS [bug] (6)
Chrome extension - Lloyds export issue ( 2 3 ) [bug (solved)] (41)
Estimate Bug [bug] (7)
Yodlee setup showing a blank screen [bug (solved)] (9)
Text on invoice disappearing [bug] (6)
Auto reverse date is appearing when Journal date is altered [bug] (2)
Ampersand showing on PDF printout [bug (solved)] (6)
Client Contact 'Email' field does not allow '+' but API does [bug (solved)] (4)
Font sizing too small on letter setting options [bug (solved)] (5)