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bug (solved) This category covers any bugs that have been solved. If you discover a locked bug that you believe may still be present please open a new thread, or continue the discussion.
Category definition for bug [bug] (2)
Sales Credit note in customer currency [bug] (2)
Report any spelling/grammar issues here [bug] (19)
Hide query invoice [bug (solved)] (14)
Receipt hub preview frame broken [bug (solved)] (3)
Starling bank feed broken [bug] (9)
Unable to download Batch Invoices from Quickfile from Mail that they send [bug] (4)
Enabling 2FA on community.quickfile.co.uk account [bug (solved)] (6)
Payment Methods - different list of methods between Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger [bug] (4)
Mobile invoice view [bug (solved)] (5)
HSBC file format change (Manual) [bug (solved)] (11)
Segmented profit & Loss [bug (solved)] (4)
Link to Google Maps No Longer Working [bug] (3)
Colour scheme for us oldies [bug (solved)] (18)
Client area search [bug (solved)] (7)
Missing invoice number on payment details pop-up [bug] (2)
EC VAT EXEMPTION - API incorrect calculations [bug] (1)
Spelling mistake [bug (solved)] (3)
Japanese text [bug] (3)
Statement Uploads - [Co Op Bank] File Schema Errors [bug (solved)] (11)
SMTP Sender Address Issue ( 2 ) [bug (solved)] (29)
Automatic tagging doesn't always work [bug] (3)
Exchange rates - problem [bug] (4)
Date format on estimates/quotations inconsistent [bug (solved)] (5)
” character showing as †in PO line item description in pdf [bug (solved)] (7)
Prepayment entry bug [bug] (2)
Poor grammar on "Your Order has been Confirmed" screen [bug] (2)
Convert to Comment Line on Invoice [bug] (5)
Time and Item totals - excludes VAT [bug (solved)] (6)
Chart of Accounts > Account Detail - Show All Notes [bug (solved)] (5)