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bug (solved) This category covers any bugs that have been solved. If you discover a locked bug that you believe may still be present please open a new thread, or continue the discussion.

Category definition for bug [bug] (2)
Chrome extension - Lloyds export issue ( 2 3 ) [bug (solved)] (41)
Estimate Bug [bug] (7)
Foreign VAT - out of scope [bug] (9)
Yodlee setup showing a blank screen [bug (solved)] (9)
Text on invoice disappearing [bug] (6)
Auto reverse date is appearing when Journal date is altered [bug] (2)
Ampersand showing on PDF printout [bug (solved)] (6)
Client Contact 'Email' field does not allow '+' but API does [bug (solved)] (4)
Font sizing too small on letter setting options [bug (solved)] (5)
Copy and paste not working on quantity and unit fields [bug (solved)] (10)
Tagme! - create new invoice [bug (solved)] (3)
Report any spelling/grammar issues here [bug] (17)
Repeated attached files when rebilling items [bug] (5)
Display bug in mobile with long comment lines [bug] (4)
Cannot sign-up to QuickFile or login when using "complex" passwords [bug] (3)
Invoice Management Screen - Sort by due date [bug] (2)
Detag and retag posted to foreign bank [bug] (4)
Santander paring import key [bug] (3)
Zapier - doesn't make new client primary contact [bug (solved)] (3)
Creating a new Client Area style [bug (solved)] (5)
Yodlee marking genuine transactions as duplicates [bug (solved)] (18)
Number Separator not showing when creating/editing invoices [bug (solved)] (11)
Emailing Statement doesn't work [bug] (6)
Advanced features settings - bank imports/tagging not showing current setting [bug (solved)] (5)
Inventory Purchase and Sales [bug] (4)
Advanced search filter for currency [bug (solved)] (5)
Part Payment of Invoices (Stripe) [bug (solved)] (4)
Sorting Dashboard - Invoice Management into Due dates [bug (solved)] (14)
Refund for VAT Exempt transaction is not VAT Exempt and added to VAT Return [bug (solved)] (6)