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About the Implemented Features category (1)
DD initiation indicator on due invoice (17)
BACS / Cheque Payments Report for suppliers (10)
Token to ACCEPT or DECLINE on Estimate/Quotation (7)
Net Book Value - Custom Codes (7)
Quote automatic expiry date (5)
Cash Flow Statement (8)
Export client contact data (10)
Prevent automatic reminders for some customers (4)
Print supplier payment - remittance advice ( 2 ) (30)
Customise emails for different clients or trading names (16)
Increase the number of invoices allowed for rebilling expenses (18)
Purchase_Search API Status needs to support all possible values (4)
Tide.co - Business Bank Accounts Integration (8)
Removal of delay on some bank feeds (1)
Sub Totals as Invoice Lines (7)
Depreciation on the Balance sheet (16)
Bulk Move Mispostings ( 2 ) (21)
Client creation date or referral source (4)
Bulk Purchase/Sales Date Picker (6)
IBAN and SWIFT banking details for foreign suppliers (11)
Filter Purchases by specific tag (12)
Customer and Supplier Turnover Reports - Net of VAT (8)
Drag and Drop invoice attachment upload (12)
Invoice_Create API Allow Direct Debit 'Initiate request after' (9)
Receipt hub purchase invoice description length (19)
Add a barcode to invoice ( 2 ) (24)
Filter sales by "non project tag"? (5)
Project tagging option in Bank tagging (6)
Project tagging direct from bank transactions (3)