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About the Implemented Features category (1)
Sub Totals as Invoice Lines (7)
Depreciation on the Balance sheet (16)
Bulk Move Mispostings ( 2 ) (21)
Client creation date or referral source (4)
Bulk Purchase/Sales Date Picker (6)
IBAN and SWIFT banking details for foreign suppliers (11)
Increase the number of invoices allowed for rebilling expenses (11)
Filter Purchases by specific tag (12)
Customer and Supplier Turnover Reports - Net of VAT (8)
Drag and Drop invoice attachment upload (12)
Invoice_Create API Allow Direct Debit 'Initiate request after' (9)
Receipt hub purchase invoice description length (19)
Add a barcode to invoice ( 2 ) (24)
Filter sales by "non project tag"? (5)
Project tagging option in Bank tagging (6)
Project tagging direct from bank transactions (3)
Projects - Show all invoices untagged (5)
Filter by tag on purchases and invoices (2)
Additional back button at top of screen (10)
Restrictions on Sales and Purchase Category Codes (11)
Print bulk statements (13)
Add a note to the event log to show a PDF was attached to an email (3)
Advanced search tweaks (6)
Quicker/Direct access to printing from invoice management (5)
Exporting all data with complete text and all invoice lines (12)
Routine Emails (Send a Letter) (3)
Recurring invoice Auto-billed - Consolidate to a single email (7)
VAT De-registration - Final Return ( 2 3 ) (55)
Add invoice number in tagging Client Payment Options (4)