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Option to email payment receipt for multiple payments (13)
YYYY-MM-DD date formats (3)
Send recurring statements by snail mail (5)
Payroll entries / Net wages into Expenses not B/L (14)
Create bank transaction via API (15)
Purchase orders - Quantity Field ( 2 ) (31)
Default invoice language per client (7)
Invoice page break (5)
Add terms and conditions page to invoice (16)
Configure more than 5 email addresses for receipt hub (4)
More Detailed Ledger Report (Without running a backup) (11)
Export full nominal ledger report (8)
Additional pages to estimates and invoices (10)
Create link to search a document folder (7)
Direct Expenses in P&L (13)
Estimates and Invoice Paging ( 2 ) (22)
Invoice x of y - Recurring Invoices (6)
How to do a Bulk purchase entry in a foreign currency follow up (19)
Have different email and web address for multiple trading styles (8)
Option to Download Journal List (6)
Allow date format to be set on invoices - e.g. mm/dd/yyyy (11)
Stripe Postcode Validation (8)
Passing on card handling charges ( 2 ) (35)
Bank Tag "Bank Transfer" link to send to the specific transaction (7)
Metro Bank - online Banking (11)
Reversing Journals (18)
Tax Report - Custom Dates (15)
Connecting to Capsule CRM (7)
Enable trading style to be specified when a client is created within an invoice (6)
EC Sales List does not remember 'Indicator' field (7)