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Currency - recalculate invoice when currency is changed [feature] (5)
Bank reconciliation in quickfile [feature] (14)
Gift aid claims [feature] (4)
Increase maximum number of items in sales inventory [feature] (4)
Creating journal template for use in future [feature] (3)
Supplier Credit Notes aka Treat them like an invoice ( 2 ) [feature] (30)
Remove blank lines from custom report table [feature] (2)
Add financial years to segmented profit and loss report [feature] (2)
Set invoice name and description through API [feature] (4)
VAT Report Print/Save as PDF [feature] (5)
Purchase order number reference [feature] (3)
Keyboard shortcut for new purchase order [feature] (2)
Custom HTML Links (Quicklinks within Areas) [feature] (5)
Delivery address / Site address on Sales Invoices [feature] (14)
SMS Text Alerts to Customers ( 2 ) [feature] (28)
Show the client quote/estimate revisions [feature] (6)
Totals by inventory items for period [feature] (4)
Expand use of zapier to support updates/deletes of invoices/clients [feature] (4)
Allocate refund to credit note ( 2 ) [Under Consideration] (21)
Payment Method - an additional option “Paym" [feature] (2)
Request partial payment by DD from an invoice [feature] (2)
Rename a project tag [feature] (6)
Split Profit and Loss report by sub-category [feature] (2)
Archive Clients [feature] (5)
Monthly P&L for Projects [feature] (4)
Payment Method - an additional option "Bill Payment" [feature] (2)
Receipt Hub - Payment Method (usually Cash) [feature] (2)
Bank Tagging - Payment Method (allocation) [feature] (2)
How to create staged invoices from an estimate ( 2 ) [feature] (23)
Uploads of PDF our eyes only [feature] (5)