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Sticky date sorting [feature] (2)
BACS / Cheque Payments Report for suppliers [Implemented Features] (14)
PurchaseOrders API - add support for quantity [Under Consideration] (2)
Preset "Out Of Scope" setting at client/supplier level [feature] (5)
Increase email signature character limit [feature] (4)
Recurring Payments from PayPal (Subscriptions) [feature] (6)
Have line-graph option [feature] (2)
Change time denomination per invoice [feature] (3)
Save Details and New [feature] (2)
QIF import support for Lloyds Credit Cards [Under Consideration] (5)
Search invoice notes field [feature] (4)
Rebilling to existing sales invoice [feature] (10)
Tracking of Expense Rebilling [feature] (6)
Direct Nominal Code-entry in purchases [feature] (3)
Custom invoice number rules [feature] (8)
Project tagging - Separate lines [feature] (2)
Projects - Capitals [feature] (4)
Query on a potential feature (identical/comapre transactions) [feature] (2)
PayPal Feed VAT Rate and Country [feature] (3)
Allocate refund to credit note [feature] (19)
Charging for PDF generation / accounts package vs. client portal [feature] (5)
Additional Client Detail / Global Options [feature] (10)
International fields when creating a new supplier [feature] (3)
Ability to see all transactions linked to a project [feature] (2)
Support tickets feature in Qucikfile [feature] (5)
New recurring invoices to automatically use pre-payment [feature] (7)
SMS Text Alerts to Customers ( 2 ) [feature] (27)
Set a Working Date / Default todays date to a chosen date [feature] (3)
Tags on bulk invoice uploads [feature] (3)
Monthly P&L for Projects [feature] (4)