1 Bank Transaction to multiple invoices

Hi all, I`m having a bit of a problem with tagging multiple invoices to a single bank transaction. I bank with barclays and say if I lodge £500 cash from one client, £500 from another and then a cheque for £500 it comes up on my online banking (and quickfile) as a single transaction…

This is fine if all the money is from a same client as I can pay down multiple multiple invoices on their account,… but I cannot figure out how to spread the one bank transaction between different clients, or if it is even possible to do?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hi @jwelectni.

Splitting one payment between multiple clients isn’t possible. Your best bet is to actually split the payment in your bank account, and tag each payment individually.

Also please see here:

Processing Split Payments to Different Customers

I need to do this to but don’t understand how to do it. The article in the helpfile says to “delete the original lump deposit on the account and substitute it for the split payments”. Can you explain exactly how I do this please.

Ok, so what you would need to do is go to your bank statement screen, so you get the following view.

So, as an example, let’s say we have a bulk payment of £1000.00, which includes 2 cheques being paid in, one for Client A for £400, and one for Client B for £600.

Find the bulk payment (£1000), and click the ‘X’ to delete that line

You then need to input 2 transactions to replace this one - in our case, you need to input one for £400, and one for £600. You can enter your own reference, but it’s worth mentioning cheque details, or referencing the original transaction.

To input the new transaction:

  1. Click ‘Input New Transaction’
  2. Enter the details, and click ‘Save’

Then tag the new transactions to the relevant invoice.

Hope this helps!

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Easy as pie. Thanks for your help.


No Problem at all :smile: