2 clients, 1 bank entry

I’ve set up my chart of accounts and imported my bank account statements. I’m now working my way through tagging.

I’ve got one entry which was the payment of 2 x cheques from 2 different clients. These show as a single amount via the bank statement. How do I allocate the payment to the two clients?

I tried setting up two invoices, but ended up with the bank account being increased by the amount.

Help much appreciated.



Delete the entry in bank and go to customer invoices respectively and lodge part or full payment from there

OR create another bank account and name it something like ‘Multiple Payment Handling Account’ and pay into that account from the sales invoices. Then tag the amount in the main bank account as a transfer to the new account and that will then all balance out to zero…

That’s my method, same end result as @Accountant suggests but with a couple more steps and no deletions. You then use the ‘Multiple Payment Handling Account’ for future paying in where more than one client’s cheques are submitted.


Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

Just to add to this, we have a guide here…it pretty much sums up the methods @Accountant and @BanksyBoy mentioned:

Processing Split Payments to Different Customers

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