2-Factor not remembering trusted computer

I’m using 2-Factor auth on my account, and I’ve ticked the box which says “Don’t ask again”, but I keep having to re-enter my auth code. It’ll work for a day or two, then forget me again.

I’m using the same browser and not clearing cookies, so not quite sure why it’s not remembering me?

What browser are you using? The cookie used to remember 2FA preferences is set to persist for 1 year. I use 2FA frequently on Quick File and haven’t noticed this behavior. Is it possibly you have some kind of browser extension that is clearing your cookies for you?

Quick question, are you logging in from two different devices?

Yeah, using a couple of different devices (iPad and laptop).

Browser-wise, am using Safari on iOS and Firefox on desktop

We did identify a problem that we replicated when using 2FA and accessing the account from two different machines. This should be resolved by mid next week.

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