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500 - Server Error when submitting VAT return

I’m trying to submit my VAT return but keep getting a 500 - Server Error. I have been submitting VAT returns successfully for a year but now it won’t seem to work. I tried 3 times throughout the day yesterday, I tried this morning and again this afternoon and am still getting this.

Hi @timswait

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues here.

Sometimes the good old “switch it off and back on again” works in this case. Have you tried to disconnect your HMRC account and re-connecting it again?

I disconnected my account to HMRC and selected to create a new account. I logged into the Gateway, got to the page where you click the button to grant permission, did that but then got the same error message. This could be a big problem for me, I need to submit this tax return before the end of the month, I’ve been trying to do it for a week now and don’t want to get fined for not doing it!

Technically by the 7th of next month if it’s your April to June return.

Hi timswait,
Have you tried to contact hmrc? They should be able to help you and they should see the cause of the error message in their logs.
Usually the 500 server error has nothing to do with your laptop/computer/tablet and/or internet connection but may it does help to use a different web browser.

Although I’m going away for two weeks on the 30th, so only have until then!

Just tried it again, didn’t do anything different but it decided to work today!


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