A quicker way to change the bank account a payment is linked to

When you inadvertently link a payment to the wrong bank account we previously advised users to delete the payment and reissue it to the correct account. This was also the advice issued when payments had been saved with the wrong payment method.

Fortunately there is now a simple way to modify the depositing bank account or method for any inbound or outbound payments. All you need to do is locate the payment receipt details in Quick File and you will see two small edit icons where you can change this information.

Click on either of these and a popup will appear where you can change the relevant information.


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Hi Glenn, when suppliers from other country received the invoices links, they could not raise invoices in their currencies. This is an excellent product and I wonder also about whether Quickfile will be operating in the foreseeable future.

We do support multi-currency (which needs to be manually switched on). Unfortunately Quick File is only currently suitable for UK companies as all base reporting is in GBP.

Regarding your other question, we don’t have any plans to go anywhere…We’ve been around offering our service for over 3 years now.