Accepting and Declining My Estimate

Hi Team,
I have successfully created estimate vai API call.
But as per business requirement, I need to Accept or Decline my Estimates.
Could you please suggest me the API available to perform this action.
I have already checked (, but its throwing error, thus could not tested.


What is the error message?

Hi @Aashish

We’ll certainly try to help. As @ian_roberts suggests, if you can let me know what you’ve tried, and what errors you’re seeing, we’ll hopefully be able to work to resolve this for you.

Thanks for quick response Ian, please find the error screenshot as follows

And you’re definitely sending JSON rather than XML as the payload? Are you able to share the data you’re posting - you can paste it in as a preformatted block by putting “backtick-backtick-backtick-json” above and three backticks below, and blank out sensitive bits like your app ID, any personal details, etc:

  "Header":{ ... },
  "Body":{ ... }

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