Accepting client QF invoices in QF account

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i have just let my suppliers know the email to send their invoice to and i received their invoice in email but when i went to the control panel and entered my password to accept the supplier it brings this error message
imageimage.png1040x395 18.3 KB what can i do to view this in my quickfile account?

I have a separate QF account in the name of my own company and this account is for a social enterprise i recently set up, think the invoices are trying to get accepted into my own QF account rather than the social enterprise account.

Hello @CML

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The way estimates work, is the supplier sends it to their client by email. The email normally contains a link to view the estimate, which would then have an Accept or Decline option. If the QuickFile accounts are linked only invoices are pulled through, not estimates.

When one of the options are selected an email and a notification is sent to the supplier so they are aware what action the client has taken.

I hope this helps?

Hi thanks for your response What i get when i receive the invoice sent on the email a - after i have gone to the control panel where i can import the invoice and i put in my password for this QF account, i get the error message ‘Account not found’ i have set up supplier accounts for each of the subcontrractors so i dont understand why it is a=saying no account, also i have checked the password id correct for that account. these are invoices not estimates and the system is ot allowing me to import the initial invoice to QF. i hope this makes sense.

Apologies for that! I misread your post.

With invoices, they can be imported after the connection is made. Anything prior to this would still need to be input manually.

I have tried to complete the process and also encountered the same issue - I’ve asked our team to take a look at this and will come back to you.

In the meantime, from your own account you can ask a supplier to link accounts by viewing the supplier, and clicking this option:


This will send an email to them asking them to link accounts. Any new invoices after the link is made will automatically be pulled through from there on.

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