Access issues 13th March

Is there any problem on the server? pages just hang on and won’t load, thank you

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We are getting the same as well

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now the panel loads but can’t open invoices

Same here just lost a quote I was working on.

Error 502 Ray ID: 33ef228899901371 • 2017-03-13 12:53:13 UTC
Bad gateway

Apologies for the slow down. We have been advised that our data centre provider are currently experiencing issues. We are awaiting further updates and we hope the situation will be resolved shortly.


Hello the links are not working, when trying to view an invoice it doesnt work. Help

@Adam_Lahouidek - please see my colleague’s post above

Unfortunately we have not yet received any further update from our data centre provider other than they are working hard to restore the service. Again I apologies for any inconvenience this is causing.

Back in I think

Hi Glenn, we have to make sure incidents like this is communicated to us, as I have a team working on quickfile. This is the second issues we faced this year.

was about to implode - happy we are back in :slight_smile:

Hi @Adam_Lahouidek, I do agree and we did try to communicate the problem as soon as we became aware of it. The issue originated from a failure with one of the upstream network providers for our data centre. We will be making our own enquiries to see how this can be avoided in future.

I’m not aware of any other outages this year, although we did experience a DDoS attack in October last year.

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Host Server is timing out again

I apologise, we have contacted our data centre and they are aware of the issue, they are investigating this now and we are awaiting further instruction.

FYI we are also are unable to access our quickfile. We are getting a Cloudflare error

Error 522 Ray ID: 33f223705b296b97 • 2017-03-13 21:38:08 UTC
Connection timed out

website owner should see here


We appear to have connectivity again. I apologise for the disruption today, we are continuing to investigate the root cause with our data centre provider.

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Suddenly started to receive timeout messages again. This is the second time today and not a good first experience of Quickfile as I migrate from another bookkeeping platform. Seriously hoping this is a one-day blip!!!

Hi @bee_bop

It is thankfully an uncommon scenario.

We continue to work with all of providers to ensure the stability of QuickFile.