Accessing my online account

Hi I’m looking for some help accessing my online account. The laptop I usually use for work and accessing my account has died. When I first created the account there was a typo in the email but quickfile accepted the email address anyway. Now I am trying to log in from a different laptop, it states it is sending a verification email to the said email address but this email address doesn’t actually exist so I can’t access the verification to log me into my account where all my orders for the next 6 months are. Any help or advice would be much appreciated, thanks Nikohl

You can still access you account using the web address you set up - this wouldn’t change. You can still use your email address and password, regardless of if it’s correct or not.

The web address is probably something like

I’d highly recommend that you change your email address to the correct one when you log in though, just to avoid issues going forward :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there’s no way for us to know if the email address has been mistyped. I have however found you on our system and sent you a link to your account.

Hi Glen, that’s great news, what email address have you sent the link too please?

I sent it as a private message on this forum. You should be able to pick it up here:

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