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Account dropping below 1000 transactions per annum

Dear QF support,

I have two qf accounts, one for my business and one for personal finance. I have recently retired and as such have dramatically reduced the number of transactions in the business account so much so that it will fall in the medium and then small account category.
Unfortunately, for me! it will fall into the medium category on 30th November, one day after my subscription is due! Is there anyway to avoid this?

I have no problem paying for my other account but would prefer not to pay two fees when one account will be below 1000 transactions the day after renewal date!

Any help appreciated.

Hi @marksenior,

If you haven’t already you can delay the subscription for 14 days, otherwise if you can wait then you will just be locked out of the account for that day until your count has gone below 1,000

Thanks Beth, fantastic help as always. Wish you had been around for the first 30 years of my career!

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Beth, can you direct me to the method for delaying the subscription please.

It should be on the payment screen to defer the subscription. However this won’t be available if you have deferred in the past as you are only allowed to do this the once.

If you can’t see it you can send a private message with your account number to @QFSupport and I can take a quick look for you

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