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does the Account Size count includes invoices? e.g. when i tag a payment, it creates an invoice and allocates the payment… so does this count for the account size takes into the invoice created? or just the nominal accounts entries?

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Here is some information which may help

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An invoice creates a minimum of two or three nominal entries (three if you’re VAT registered, two if you’re not, more if the invoice has lines assigned to different codes), and the payment creates another two, so each fully paid up sales invoice or purchase invoice counts as at least 4 or 5 entries.

Bank transfers count as two entries (one for the money leaving the origin account and one for it arriving at the destination).

Journals count as one nominal entry per line of the journal.

I have been sent a payment request as over 1000 entries which seems madness for someone self employed I am now classified as a LARGE company :thinking: something is really wrong with the free limits as I don’t see how any company can fit within these if a self employed person cannot.

I moan and complain about a lot, almost everything from everyone in fact, but the one thing I have never complained about is the Quickfile fees. They are there in clear black and white, they are among the cheapest for a service of this kind and they are certainly palatable for a small business, which mine is. If I had to consider complaining about the expense of Quickfile I would have to seriously reconsider whether it was worth running a business.

If you want to create a nightmare of admin and paperwork you can consolidate some of your invoicing etc on your side before entering it all into Quickfile so you only have single monthly invoices but for the cost saved by trying to keep my business under the limit I’d waste more time than it was worth.

You can save all of the fees of Quikfile and simply do it by hand or use a spreadsheet yourself if the fees are really that astronomical.

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I have not complained about the fees just the fact that as a self employed consultant with minimum requirements I have jumped nearly all the tiers into the large business category.
I was questioning that either there is something wrong with the system generating extra items, a mistake somewhere or the tiers are too small as I just don’t get it. I moved from Quickbooks and there are less entries now than I used to have but still over the limits for all the free tiers.

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