Account Tag Colours (Global CSS Control)

Is there any chance we could change the colours of the transaction Tags in the accounts?
I have the typical male red-green colour blindness so it would be wonderful if the colours could be red and light blue for example. I have to read the word rather than it show obviously with the colour.
This is isn’t a complaint, just an idea and possible request.

Steve Hills.

Just so I’m clear, is it these tag buttons you’re referring to? and other such buttons formatted in red/green?

Anything like this could be potentially overridden by granting users full control to our CSS style-sheets. We have just recently launched an Advanced Customisation toolset that we could possibly adapt to give you this level of control.

It’s not there yet but I will log your request and see if it can be done when we develop this area.


I have exactly the same problem, in that the green and red tag colours can look very similar due to my colour blindness.

For me red and blue would be fine, the bolder the colour (ie not pastel shades) the better.

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We will eventually allow users to attach their own CSS style sheets to their QuickFile account. This willprovide full control over most visual elements within the system. It’s not yet on our short term plan but we should have something implemented with 2-4 months.

Terrific news Glynn.
I was only hoping for a change to colours that work for most of the colour blind guys, but I guess having a choice would be ideal since it’s hard to please everyone with fixed options.

many thanks.

Steve Hills.

Just a quick update to let you know that we have now implemented a global stylesheet you can use to change any colours and styles within the application. This can be found within the advanced customisation section.

You can modify the tagging buttons as such, although my choice of colours is probably far from ideal :smile:

If anyone needs help setting this up I would be more than happy to oblige. But if you know a bit of CSS here are the styles you need to use (more info here).

.taggedButton, .recButton_View{
    background-color:#3366ff !important;
    border: #0066ff !important;
   background-color: #99CCFF !important;

.tagmeButton, .recButton_TagMe{
    background-color:#ff3399 !important;
    border: #ff0066 !important;
   background-color: #ffccff !important;

One final point… the advanced customisation features is in beta at the moment. It will require a power user subscription come January, this will likely cost £35 per annum but will include a whole bunch of other features.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or need help setting things up.

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