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Account with two signatories - open banking feed

Yes please can you escalate this to your Open Banking contact at Barclays?

What I think happened is that Barclays took a number of shortcuts:

  1. They did not distinguish between the two different parts of Open Banking (transferring account information vs. opening up payment processing
  2. They did not include an option to provide approval for individual third parties via a multi-signatory setup.

I cannot be the only organisation who is impacted by this.

It is also possible that Barclays have implemented the above 2 points, but have hidden it from the general public and that it needs to be switched on separately. Or that they have not taken the trouble of explaining any of this to their call centre - remarkably few of them had even heard of Open Banking.

So I’m hoping your contact can shed light on this. I’m fine with it taking 3-4 days to reply.

Many thanks for your support.

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I’ve posed the question and I will return to you as soon as they provide some clarity on the matter. They are in a much better position to answer this question as they have an inside view on the development side. It could be, as you say that they’ve taken a shortcut, although fingers crossed that isn’t the case. Certianly I’ve not heard of this issue before.

Out of interest have you tried to connect your feed using Open Banking from QuickFile?

OK thanks for passing that on.

And yes I have tried to connect the Open Banking feed via Quickfile. So I go to the account for which the feed is, I click on More Options / Activate Bank Feed. I select Open Banking from the pop up window. I click on Connect a Bank and select Barclays, and select Online Banking. That then puts me to the Barclays login page, where I enter all my details. It then thinks about it for a bit and then comes back with “X - 6012 - It looks like there are no eligible accounts are available to proceed with this request.”.

This is what prompted me to call Barclays.

If I’m logged in to Barclays, I can go to an option “Give Third Party Permissions”, however there it asks me for an access code. Which I don’t have.

So if you can find a way to give me an access code for Quickfile, I can try that too.

@Elsvan - just a thought on this. Do you have access to the mobile banking app for the account with Barclays? If so, have you tried adding the banking feed using this option?

Hi Mathew, thanks for thinking along. I don’t have the mobile app for that, as that is another thing that is hard to get with a double signatory on it.

Barclays have acknowledged the query I made on your behalf and they’ve defered to another department to get an answer. I will let you know as soon as that is forthcoming.

Great thanks for letting me know! I await with baited breath…

Good luck with Barclays! I struggled for months in 2016-17 to get them to understand things about my business. Thankfully, Tide and Starling turned up and I was able to walk away.

I have a friend who is a programmer for Barclays and he says they have huge legacy systems and still use mainframes - dinosaur technology from the last century. Bank migration is a big upheaval and caused me a few issues, but it was worth it in the long run. Starling are free to use and Tide charge 20p a transaction. Tide have web access, Starling don’t. I have gone with Starling because it pulls my transactions into Quickfile in real time and costs nothing to use. I am happy to initiate transactions on my mobile device.

Dump the dinosaurs!


Hi Brian

Wow thanks for that, that’s really useful. I’ll have to investigate whether Starling also offer a double signature setup, as that is a prerequisite for us. Also that happens to be the current blocker at Barclays.

Currently Barclays have said that of course they can do this, I “only” have to fill in a form. Dinosaur technology indeed.

Thanks again!

Hi @Elsvan

I’ve received the following response in regards to dual / multi signatory accounts.

Accounts where each party can operate independently of one another can use OB services however if they have a marker requiring all parties to sign then this would exclude them from the service.

Unfotunately I suspect it’s the latter in your case. I will send you a private message to discuss some options with you.

Just a small update on this subject, we’ve received the following from Barclays today in regards to dual signatory accounts:

We now understand the root cause and are working through the changes required and timelines.

We will provide further updates as and when we receive them.

@Elsvan we received the following from Barclays this afternoon.

We have identified the root cause and deployed a change. Could you please re-test and confirm that this is no longer an issue?

Please let us know if the problem persists.

Hi Glenn, nope, nothing doing. I get exactly the same as before. So what I do: I go to Quickfile - I log in - I go to Activate Banking Feed - this leads me to Open Banking - I click on Open Banking via online banking - takes me to Barclays - I log in - then it says “I have no accounts available for Open Banking” or some such. If I go into Barclays and try to select “Give third party permissions” then I get nowhere either. So as far as I can see, nothing at all has changed. Is there another way I need to do this?

Hi @Elsvan,

I’m sorry to hear this. We’ve let Barclays know that the fix they implemented did not work. I will keep you updated on any further developments. From what you’ve mentioned, you’ve done everything correctly.

We have received the following update today from Barclays:

We have identified the fix for this issue and are targeting the end of this month for deployment. We will let you know if we can bring it forward at all.

Hi Glenn thanks for the update! I look forward to seeing if they do indeed deploy…


Hi @Elsvan

We’ve recieved further notice today from Barclays to advise that this issue has now been resolved. Would you please kindly retry and let us know how you get on?

Hi Glenn, miracle of miracles. I have been able to connect to Open Banking in Barclays! Not got any transactions just yet so will wait for them to come through, however I was able to go through all the expected authorisations screens.

Do we want to keep this topic open until I’ve got some live transactions through?



That’s great news @Elsvan - thanks for letting us know!

We’ll keep this open for a little longer, so if there are any further issues, we can investigate and report back to Barclays.

Keep us posted :slight_smile:

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