Account wont tag to stripe income

On stripe income to the business current account. when I tag, it doesnt pickup the stripe entry, even thought he amount in the stripe holding account is exact and even the date is the same

Only happens in this scenario

Any ideas ?


I am not sure if I do follow your scenario correctly. But if you try to tag an bank entry (money in from your stripe account - via auto feed?) to an merchant account entry (stripe) that will not pickup the entry automatically.
When Stripe transfers your funds to your current bank account and you use the bank auto feed, this transaction will come into quickfile automatically. In your stripe settings within quickfile tick the box (ignore payouts). That will prevent the payout entry in your stripe merchant account in quickfile. Instead, tag the transfer in your current bank account as a “Transfer between bank accounts” and click on your stripe merchant account. This will create the relevant entry in your stripe account You can also create a auto-tagging-rule for such transactions and they will be created and tagged automatically in the future.

Here is a bit more info:

Hope this helps

so in our current account there is 22.80 income from stripe, tag is red.

In our stripe holding account there is also 22.80 outgoing , tag is read.

If I try and tag from the current to the stripe holding, it just creates another entry, ie , doesnt match up,

I understand your untick option and manually tag, Ill do that, but just wondered why it wont link



It doesn’t link and will never link. That’s by design. If you have only the stripe feed, you keep the box ignore payouts unticked and tag all payout transactions from stripe to your current account from the stripe account. To make things much easier, you create a auto tag rule which will do the job for you in the future.
If you have stripe and bank feed, it is best to tick the ignore payout box to prevent duplicates. You will only see the payout transaction in your bank account feed. Tag it from there as a transfer between accounts and click your stripe account. That will create the relevant entry in your stripe account in quickfile. Also, use auto tagging rules for future transactions.
You will see there is no need for linking the two amounts in both accounts.

ok thanks, understand, although its only today that it wont link for some reason, i looked at all the other stripe inputs and they all linked on auto, and both account reconcile perfectly.



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