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Accountant's information

How were my accountant’s details already on my dashboard before I’ve even started using Quickfile? I haven’t decided to use this software yet. I’m a bit worried now about security

Did your accountant open your quickfile account for you, or did he/she send you a link to open an account? If so, he/she is very likely a quickfile affinity user and his/her details are setup in your account automatically to make a few things easier for you and your accountant.

Hope this helps

By the way, I do highly recommend quickfile.

I didn’t ask them to and they didn’t offer to, it just appeared when I opened my dashboard. I’m worried about confidentiality and security. So one of things I want to do is use another accountant, does this mean I’m tied to my current accountant?

No, you don’t stuck to one accountant. Look in your company settings. You can disconnect your current accountant, but only when you setup your quickfile account. If your accountant did setup your account for you, then you have to ask him/her to add you as an ADMIN and after that to disconnect his affinity account from your account.
You could also open a completely new quickfile account with a new email address

Hi @nimblegipsy

Another explanation would be that if your accountants have a QuickFile account and have you set up as a client, you could have been logging in as a client to their account rather than to your own. The way to double check this would be to check the URL - it will either show your QuickFile company name

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