Accounting for charitable donations

Thanks for your reply. In that case, perhaps I am misunderstanding something…?

I want to record our income, which consists of grants and donations. I can’t see any way to record income except by calling it “sales” and generating an invoice. This APPEARS to be clearly inappropriate.

However: On reading the help information, it seems that this is analogous to “Accounting for Daily Takings”, where no actual customer invoices are involved but a notional invoice is created in the system (and then a payment recorded against it).

In the case of charity donations, using this method involves a rather strange mindset, but I guess it should work. Please could you confirm that I am on the right lines here? Thanks!

For donations you would create a new nominal code to distinguish this income. The guide here should explain the process:

QUESTION: Charitable Donations Received

There’s no problem using the daily takings method. You can log the income daily, weekly, monthly it’s up to you. As long as it is getting recorded.

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