Accounting For Ebay Drop Shippers

Hi. I have an ebay business and sell on and .com. I use dropshipping as my method of business so hold no stock and simply purchase items from the supplier once the customer has paid for the item.

Up until May of this year, these purchases were made by me from my own personal bank account and I would then transfer the cost of the item from the customer’s payment in paypal to my own personal bank account.

I have set up my paypal feed to show all my paypal transactions but am wondering how I list the purchase transactions made from my bank account and do these have to have some sort of nominal code that links those with the purchase of the goods by the customer and the transfer of money from my paypal account to my own personal account to match my product purchase?

Does this make sense?

I used to do all this via excel but I’d sooner have something much less complicated and time-consuming. I’m sure once I have done this a few times it will be like falling off a log but I’m no accountant and I’ve struggled with other cloud-based accounting software and was attracted to yours because it’s free and apparently for accountants.

I have a tonne of other questions but given that I need to get my 2014-2015 accounts in order I’m looking at this first. Once this year has been sorted, it will be a lot less complex as everything is now done via paypal or my paypal business prepaid mastercard.

Thanks in advance. I’m sure this post makes me look like a complete dummy but I’m not honestly. Lol.