Accounting for fees from imported CSV PayPal statement

Hi all,
I have imported a CSV file from paypal account.
When it appears in the Merchant Account Statement it only shows the income without paypal fees which are obviously my expense and they have not been added to the statement. I need them to be automatically calculated (if possible to write some formula - but where ?)

Is anybody able to help me please ?

One more thing, why just during the import fees are not imported ? they are in the CSV file.

Any chance to make a feature to edit statement transactions ?

Thank you !

Fees aren’t automatically handled in the CSV bank import tool as this is just a generic area for uploading statements from many different banks and has limited functionality. A simple workaround you can use is to open the CSV in a spreadsheet program like Excel and grab a total for all fees on the CSV, I think these are represented in a separate column? Enter this total as a single “Money Out” transaction and tag this to a supplier called “PayPal Processing Fees” and use the category “Bank charges”. That should work for you!

The automated PayPal feed will handle charges for your once it has been setup.

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