Accounting for refunds

Hello, how do I set up a refund please? Do I log one as a minus figure on a purchase order? Help would be appreciated. Also do I set up a refund account on the reports bit? Thanks, Donducébjonos.

There are a few ways to log a refund, but it depends on the situation. Are you able to give us any more information on the situation (was it a refund against a prepayment, or an invoice? Was it just a discount on the next invoice), and we’ll try our best to help :slight_smile:

Hello, it was an item bought from Amazon with a purchase order raised, and just returning the item as unsuitable for our needs. Thanks.

Hi, I think, if you go to your amazon purchases invoice and click on Credit Note in the More Option Menu on top of the invoice, right in the middle. You can create there in Credit Note against the invoice, full amount or just a part of the full amount. I hope it helps.