Accounting for trade samples

I’ve started up a small rerelease breed beef meat company. Sole Trader at the moment but keeping books easily with this excellent software.

Just one query. Recently I took a few cuts up to a restaurant for the chef to try (he loved them!) and things are looking promising. But how do I account for these samples which we gave away?

Many thanks in advance .

Hi @simongallear. I’m no expert with accounts, but I’d take a stab in the dark at writing the value of the sample to nominal code 6202 - Gifts and Samples.

I’m not sure of where to take it from to put it there, but hopefully that’ll be a start for you until someone from QuickFile gets back to you :smile:

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Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t very clear - sorry. It wasn’t so much which account do I post it to. I’m wondering how to post to an expense account (e.g.6202).

You would only track the movement for stock control purposes, although at the moment Quick File does not have a stock control system. You have already claimed the purchase costs i.e. purchase of the cattle, food costs, abattoir costs etc , therefore as Simon suggested, you can journal from ‘General Purchases’ to ‘Gift and Samples’ to keep track, although you should value the samples at cost.