AccountReference missing from Client_Search


It must be an oversight, but it is an annoying one. I am trying to find a Client via their Account Reference.

If I use Supplier_Search, it returns the SupplierReference element so I can confirm the Account Reference is identical (and not a contains e.g. Ref GO001 would be returned if searching O001).

However Client_Search does not have AccountReference element and it means I have to perform a Client_Get request for every result until I find the one that matches.

Is there any plans to add the element?


Hi @Tim_McCurdy

The Client_Search call does actually have an AccountReference search parameter:

There are more details in our API docs, here

Is this what you are looking for?

My colleague looked into this a bit further and realised we didn’t return the AccountReference field itself. We have now however extended it to include this, but you will need to pass an additional parameter, not to break existing integrations:

If ShowAccountReference is set to 1 then it will be returned in the results.

Thank you! Sorry I wasn’t clear, your edit was what I was referring to.