Accounts need to be changed from Sole trader to Limited

I have been using Quick file for a while, I have since become Limited and due to an oversight on my accountants part I now need to take all of my invoices/purchases and payments from 1st July 2013 to date and open a new Limited account in Quick file, what is the best/easiest way of doing this.

Many thanks in advance.

You can go ahead and create a new Quick File account under the name of the Limited company. There’s no automated method you can use for moving those invoices from the old ST account to the Ltd company account. You could import the bank statement for the Limited company and tag all the transactions from the bank, that would be the quickest way to bring your bookkeeping up to date.

Just check with your accountant to ensure those invoices should actually be attributed to the Ltd company, if you were receiving payment into a personal or sole trader account it may not be the case.

If there is no overlap period between self employed and Ltd would it be easier just to re-name the company and go forward from there rather than start a brand new set of accounts. As long as the year end is closed you could then continue 1st July with Ltd company.