Accounts Service still running?


I used the end of year accounts service last year, and it was incredible helpful. Thank you.

This year my accounts are much smaller and simple (36 total transactions), but I can’t locate how. I wanted to check if you’ve stopped offering this service please?

Thanks ever so much.

steve at

Hi Steve,

QuickFile has put a temporary hold on this due to the volume of accounts they are currently dealing with (no doubt due to the service they provided). Rather than let people down, they stopped taking on new cases.

Saying that, it doesn’t rule your case out. I’ll ask @Glenn to contact you and see what he says - after all, he knows the current situation far better than me :slight_smile:

Thanks Parker,

If it might be possible, that would be wonderful. If not, I entirely understand!

Thanks again

Thanks for getting in touch, I have sent you a private message to discuss your requirements further.