Actioning Unpaid Invoices

I have an invoice which is due to be paid by tomorrow, but I’ve had a bit of trouble with the client, pretty much since day 1. Due to this, I’m not expecting it to be paid on time, if at all.

Should it not be paid, what’s the correct way of accounting for this please?

If the invoice has not been paid, it should be left unpaid, Quick File will then mark the invoice as overdue and you can you use the credit control facility to send chaser letters. If after approx 6 months, or sooner if additional circumstances are known such as bankruptcy etc and the invoice is not paid or is not likely to be paid, you may choose to write it off as bad debt.

Thanks @Joe for your reply.

Will leave it a while yet then!

Just for future reference however, how would you write it off as a bad debt in quick file?

The process of writing off Bad Debt is automated in Quick File, to which end, a ‘Bad Debt’ control button appears on the invoice, once it becomes older than 6 months:


Thank you for your help. Hopefully it’ll never get to that stage!

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