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Activating Bank of Scotland Business Bank Feed



I am new to Quickfile and think I may have an issue in activating my bank feed however it may be user error.

I have two different log in details for Bank of Scotland, one for personal and one for business. They both have the same user name as required by the bank. I have tried to link my business account however continue to get an invalid credentials screen following inputting username, password and memorable info. I am 99% certain that I am getting the details correct. Logged into bank to double check.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks, Matt


Yodlee sometimes has several different variations on the same bank, and only one of them shows on the initial “popular” list - try searching by name and see if there are other Bank of Scotland variants you can try.


Many thanks, will give it a try and revert back.

Cheers, Matt


Please let us know if you are still having problems and we’ll escalate this to Yodlee.

We are also planning to add BOS to our Open Banking feeds in the next month, this will provide a direct to bank feed rather than going through Yodlee. We will keep you posted on that.



Thanks for your help, that did the trick.

Much appreciated, Matt


Thanks Glenn

Got is sorted. Needed to use the BoS Business link.

Interested in the Open Banking feed!