Active Archived Deleted - Explanation

Hi sorry if this is already somewhere but could not find it.

Please could you explain what the differences are between Active, Archived, Deleted, in Sales, Estimate and Purchase Management,
in terms of what is happening to the journals and other background functioning and why / when you use these?

Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

  • Active
    This would count towards your profit and loss, and balance sheet. Unless the sales invoice or estimate is in draft state, this is live on your account.

  • Archived
    Similar to active, except it’s hidden from the main view. Handy for things like hiding previous accounting years.

  • Deleted
    As it says - it’s deleted and doesn’t count towards profit and loss. However, invoices and estimates aren’t permanently deleted but rather just moved to the “Deleted” page.

Thats great and as expected, thank you.

Why is there no Archived option for Bank accounts ?

Also can I suggest all these functional bits of information are put back into a manual for quickfiles (or knowledge base) as there seems to be a lot of un-fully documented areas in quickfiles which just then point you to the forum resulting in important info all over the place.

Kindest Regards

Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

Bank accounts are just nominal codes, with the transactions being the nominal entries. Generally, nominals can’t be hidden (or archived) if there are entries.

However, as always, we’re happy to explore the option of adding an archive view for bank accounts.

Regarding the documentation - we’re happy to add additional guides that would be useful. Are there any particular areas you would like more guides for?

Hi Mathew

Thanks for that. My comment about a manual is a general one as when I want to look up basic functional information I sometimes can,t find it hence my question above. It would be nice to have this answer along with others put in a “function manual” rather than left on the forum.
I would see a guide as a more general discription of how to do something with the functions available when detail about the functions itself which seems to be missing.

Another example what are "Short Reference " and where is a list of them, this would be nice to see in the knowledge function manual?


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