Adapting Invoices for use as a Delivery Note

Hi Glenn

I’m just following up on the delivery note questions I’ve seen on the forum. We are loving quickfile (thanks!!) but finding that we need to send a delivery note instead of the invoice for each of our orders. This is creating double the effort for us and we’re really hoping to avoid having to change accounts system given how much we enjoy using quickfile.

I"m wondering if a simple solution, rather than going down the entire stock control route, could be to allow for users to enter zero invoices as “drafts” only? This way we could create a zero invoice for delivery as a “draft” and then before being allowed to send the “real” invoice we can quickly change the line item to one with a unit cost.

Essentially, I’d then just setup two line items for each piece of stock: delivery and invoice. I think this could be quite an elegant solution…though I’m not a developer so no idea how this would work on the back-end.


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Thank you for the suggestion, I think we need to give this some more thought!

I know that zero value invoices will present us with a bit of a problem, but hopefully we can just create a spin-off template from the invoice that omits any amounts and re-labels accordingly. Perhaps in the “more options” menu on the invoice preview screen a way to “print delivery note”?

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Hi Glenn

Your idea is perfect. Often all that is required of a delivery note is to have all costs removed (as often those accepting the deliveries are not meant to be privy to the finances). So, the ability to print a delivery note which simply greys/blacks out any cost boxes when printing would be absolutely amazing! This would also save the hassle of having the re-enter items on a draft vs actual invoice from my original suggestion.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed (o;


We’re exploring a few different ideas so we’ll let you know! We already have quite a versatile CSS template for invoices so we’re hoping we can build something on top of that… keep it simple :smile:

I’ve been experimenting with the CSS and I’ve managed to mock-up the following. With the CSS I have been able to achieve the following.

  • Drop amount and qty columns
  • Remove footer totals table
  • Hide specific elements in the table (top right), e.g. due date.

The INVOICE header can’t be changed via CSS so I think we need to allow users to edit the language table. This is a back-end table that gives you full control over all the static labels on the invoice template.

I think with these adjustments we’re getting close to a useable Delivery Note, would you agree?

You can actually change the content using CSS3, but I don’t think your PDF creator supports this?

Yeh I did look at that as an option but as you say the PDF converter wouldn’t recognised it :frowning:

Hi Glenn

This is looking great! Is there anyway that I could beta test this for you? Very happy to give it a test run and offer feedback. The turn around is very impressive!


Sure, we can certainly run some beta test with you when the remaining functionality is added. We’ve made great headway today so I’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to start testing.

I’m pleased to say we have now developed this functionality. You can read about how it works here. In a nutshell you’ll now find an option in the sales invoice preview screen under the “More Options” menu, “View as Delivery Note”.

Let me know what you think… the template is editable to a degree so it may be possible to adapt slightly.

In order to make this work we’ve added another layer of customisation to our CSS editor, but I’ll discuss this in more detail elsewhere.


Hi Glenn

What a quick turn around, nicely done!

Couple of requests…

  1. When I attempted to view as delivery note the view was still showing the VAT amount for our invoices, can this be blanked out?
  2. One of the key components of the delivery not is the “Qty” column from the invoice. This is what enables customers to reconcile what has been delivered. Can this be exposed?

With these change t I think it’ll be perfect for us!


Oops forgot about the VAT column, I was testing on a non-VAT registered account. I’ve now removed that column.

I’ve also brought back the QTY column (I did wonder about that), and rejigged the alignment of the item name column.