Add Category when Import Purchase Invoice

When I use Purchase Invoice Import Tool to import a bulk of invoices mapped in csv, apart from the mandatory fields, Receipt date, Supplier name, Description, Total gross amount, there is no option in the arrow down section to choose CATEGORY as another field. I ended up that all the invoices are then categorised as General Purchase instead of their original categegory.

Is there any way to add the field Category?

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Hi @24Tax

Although it’s labelled as “Category” on the purchase creation page, in reality it’s a nominal code taken from the Chart of Accounts report. So from your list, Purchase nominal code would be the same thing (albeit, it would be the nominal code rather than the name).

So for example, if you wanted “General Purchases”, you would use 5000 for this column.

I hope that makes sense, but if you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

I am sorry but I didn’t understand.
Have a look on the first screenshot. The second line in purchases is an amazon adv. expenses and the category is Advertising (6201).

Now when the invoice has been uploaded, it shows as Category, general purchases and not anymore advertising.

There is any chance to solve this without open every imported invoice individually.


Your category or nominal column isn’t mapped when you import it, because you havent selected the relevant heading.

My answer doesn’t solve your initial question but it answers why your uploads all appear in general expenses. That column needs mapping first.

I personally have no issue mapping the nominal column

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Hi @24Tax

Just to add to @Paul_Courtier’s response, you also have the name of the nominal code in the file, whereas I believe this should just be the number (e.g. just 6201 rather than 6201 - Advertising)

Yes I hadn’t spotted that. Should just be the nominal code and not the name.

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