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Add column headings and due date in matched purchase records

I am sometimes finding tagging receipts to transactions to be tricky to get correct without a lot of effort when you have recurring monthly transactions for the same amounts…

I seem to have lots of suppliers who end up billing me the same amount each month on 1 month payment terms, so I end up with something like
invoice dated 01/07/2020 for £30.22 due on 31/07/2020
invoice dated 01/08/2020 for £30.22 due on 31/08/2020
invoice dated 01/09/2020 for £30.22 due on 30/09/2020

because of how the banking works these often end up being debited from my account + or - 1 day from the due date, so i might end up with 2 current account transactions:

£30.22 debited on 01/08/2020
£30.22 debited on 01/09/2020
£30.22 debited on 30/19/2020

because of the day variance and different month lengths It can then get very confusing when trying to select the correct one from the drop down list that appears when you try to tag something

eg: when i try and tag the transaction from the 01/09/2020 I might see the following:
qf example copy
(sorry - i had to photoshop this because i forgot to capture it after tagging all my tricky transactions and locking them with a VAT return but this does happen!)

Because the first column of dates is not labelled it is very easy to forget that this is actually the INVOICE DATE and not the DUE DATE and therefore pick the wrong match (especially after doing this for 6 months of transactions or during a long day!)

Here is an unedited version

because of how this payment fell the issue only shows in the “2 month” view but it often happens in “1 month” view too.
In this example you end up having to double check the invoices to confirm due dates before matching the right one.

This would be much easier here if you either:

  • added column headings in this view so it was clear that the displayed dates were the INVOICE DATE
  • also added the DUE DATE column (along with headings)

Or you could as I do, add the due dates to the description or some sort of identifer like if your invoices have a payment reference and your transactions have the same reference you could easily match payments.

A client of mine can receive an invoice for work carried out spanning different months, the job no is different for each line but the payment reference remains the same for all. So by including that payment reference in the description when I create an invoice in the system I can easily match which invoice the payment related to

unfortunately they dont seem to use a reference on the payment that links to anything on the invoice

OK but you already know the due dates since your actually creating the purchase receipt so why not add the due date in the description? I apreciate a column heading showing its invoice date when searching would be beneficial also but you can, for now add the due date to the description to make it easier to match.