Add financial years to segmented profit and loss report

It looks as though the segmented P&L report is based on calendar years. it is not clear from the report. Can you advise if it is currently a calendar year?


If it is a calendar year can I make a feature request to provide the same report on a financial year.

Hi @MearTech

That’s correct - it is calendar years.

I have moved this to the #feature request section for the moment and will let you know if anything changes here.


Can you update us on when this feature has been planned to be implemented?

Thank you,

Hi @BharatK,

If and when any changes relating to this are being planned then we will update this thread accordingly

Hi @BharatK

There is an option to run the report based on “Year End Date” which would give you the report based on the date set in your company settings.

For example, if your year end date is set to 31/03, it would show you 01/04 - 31/03 for each year.

@MearTech - appreciate this thread was started a while back, but does this also resolve your request too?

@QFMathew , thank you for the advice, however, the ‘Year End Date’ report only shows a summary for each year, whereas the default report when first loading the page shows a month by month breakdown. It is this latter monthly breakdown that I was referring to for a financial year. Is that possible to create at the moment?