Add project tags on invoice creation

I’ve been looking into switching the small charity i run from QB to QF. In general I really like the software, but the project reporting is currently holding me back - are there any plans for the following/am I just missing something obvious!

  1. To speed things up I think Project tags should be able to be added from the create invoice or purchase screens rather than having to preview the created entry (we can add payments etc from there already). On my system the ‘add or modify project tags’ link only appears on the invoice/purchase document when i mouse over the page outline - that confused me quite a while because i was looking for it before i moved my mouse!

  2. Project reporting - For management accounts I want to report on several projects at a time, rather than having to run separate reports for each one. Ideally I’d export the report to excel.
    -I’m interested in a P&L report across all time, but a report listing balances of all nominal codes at a certain date by project would be fine for my use.
    -I’m ideally also interested in a balance sheet by project report too (again, ideally showing multiple projects side by side for comparison) but I realise that’s further from what’s currently possible with projects.

I’d be more than happy to pay a power-user subscription for these features if they count as advanced reporting!

I am interested in this too, as I have just started using QF for my PTA accounts. The Project reporting is of particular interest. I am also struggling with allocating one invoice to more than one project, as it allocates the whole spend to both. I want to allocate part to each project??

These are areas we may explore in the future, although to be quite honest they most likely won’t get looked at in the next 6 months. We are already working on several areas that will tie us down for some while yet.

If anything changes here I shall let you know.

@Debbie_Brookes regarding apportioning invoices over multiple projects. This is something we decided not to pursue when originally setting the brief, you quickly get into some nightmarish situations when splitting invoices with VAT, multiple nominal distributions and foreign currencies. One idea touted was to allow manual adjustments to be factored into projects for such scenarios, this is something we’d be happy to explore.

I understand what you say re potential nightmares. A manual adjustment facility would suit me, as my particular accounting needs are so simple.

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This would be good for us for both sales and purchases. Splitting invoices across projects would be a nice extra for us but is not a significant item on our wish list.

I was about to post something along these lines. i don’t understand why you didn’t give an option to project tag on creation. we run a building company and need to know were our materials are being spent. when you have to go through each invoice and tag it after you have put it on it takes for ever we have to log around 150-200 invoice a month that i need to go through after the fact o tag would save me so much time to make it at creation.

Once you have a project setup you can create invoices from there that will get tagged automatically.

We will add a box to add tags dynamically, I just don’t have a time frame on this yet.

You may be pleased to know that we have just added the ability to create project tags on sales invoice/estimate creation.

You will also be able to set default project tags at the client level, these then are automatically pre-populated when manually creating a new invoice or estimate for that client.

In the coming weeks we will also be extending this inline entry system to purchase invoices and the Receipt Hub.

We will you posted!

###Update 10th September

You can now also enter your project tags when creating a new purchase invoice or purchase order. This can also be done from the Receipt Hub.