Add supplementary pages to all invoices

Hi Team

As the GDPR rules are fast approaching is there a way to attach a copy of my privacy notice to all new invoices automatically? I understand that I can add a second page to invoices but just wondering how this can be done automatically?

Any ideas


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Hi @Josh4u

There isn’t a way to automatically add these at the moment, but we can certainly consider this for future development.

I’ve updated your post title and moved it to the #feature category for other users to add their comments and vote.

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Thanks Mathew
There has been so much talk about GDPR recently and the huge fines that can be imposed on businesses it was just an idea I had that if a privacy page could be added automatically (or t&c’s etc) that at least could help towards being compliant.
Until then I will just add it manually and hope I remembed each time :slight_smile:

might be worth putting a link on your invoices, direct your customers to a tcs and c’s page on your site?

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I also put my vote on this feature please!