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Add supplier bank account details to detailed breakdown report

I am referencing back to the above question.
I feel as though certain things on the Quickfile software is more complicated than it needs to be.
I am noticing more now as I am getting bigger and busier.

I have lost money through overpayments due to my accounts staff not realising that credit note havent been applied to the balance that they are paying

As mentioned in the above link. I need to export multiple CSV files and link them together using Vlookup to make the payment

other software allows 1 export which gives the payment amounts (minus credit notes) the payment reference and bank details
Is this something which quickfile will be intending to do? or am i best moving over to one of the other suppliers? As despite being cheaper than most, the current set up is losing me money!

Mentions that I don’t need the aggregate export as the batch export shows all totals and bank details etc.

Which is great if I want to clear a full balance off at once…
That sheet shows total which may include invoices that are due in Month1 and 2, however, I only want to pay month 1 invoice and save month 2 till month 2

Also, when entering a payment reference ion a bank transfer this is limited to 18 characters which means I may need to send multiple payments to one supplier to reference all of their invoice numbers etc…

Therefore it takes me back to my initial point in the above linked question where I need to download 3 spreadsheets and join them together to get all the details I need to pay a supplier.

Export Data - Gives Payment References
Aggregate Totals by Supplier - Gives totals including credit Notes
Dedicated Breakdown by Supplier - Gives bank details

Not very user friendly and as I have found, increases massively the room for error.

I’ve had the same issues. All comes back to credit note handling again which is absolutely awful. Mentioned a few of my woes here and then there’s always this feature request.

Where do your staff go to get the figures to pay the suppliers? You can get the lines on the Total you Owe/Purchase Management page to show owed balances by default but it’s still not foolproof as if you tick all the boxes the aggregate total is still the invoice balance not the amount you owe (so “total you owe” is wrong/misleading/a bug which is a bug that Quickfile refuse to acknowledge)

Currently I am experting all 3 available CSV files.

I usee the Export Data CSV to get Payment References
The Aggregate Totals by Supplier - Gives totals per created invlice which allows me to filter through and chose only the invoices which are due
And the, Dedicated Breakdown by Supplier - Gives bank details

I dont understand why there isnt the opportunity to export a csv such as the aggregate totals by suppler which incorporates credit notes etc, I would have thought this would have been standard and a basic request.

There’s already some requests made on the exported list totals but it seems nothing was done there. Outstanding Purchases - Partial balance by default

I feel it should be a standard feature, there shouldn’t need to be requests made
Software such as this is intended to simplify bookkeeping, but it seems that it is doing the opposite.

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Hi @Paul87

I have asked for bank details to be added to the breakdown report too. We can’t provide any timescales at this stage, but we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks @QFMathew and @Lurch but the more I am looking at things, the more discrepancies I am finding… for example.
If I go to the outstanding purchases screen and search fot a supplier, it shows a balance without credit notes
and I
If I go onto that suppliers page direct it shows the outstanding balance with the credit note added but does not include any outstanding invoices which may have been partially paid.

There is far too much room for error so I think I will need to look at moving to a different software as my confidence in this has gone
I feel as though I need to have a spreadsheet running along side this software to make sure that no mistakes are made and that shouldn’t be needed!

and @QFMathew you have amended the title, but the new title only takes in a small part of what this thread is about, it is more than adding bank details to export, the main concern is the handling of credit notes and the conflicting balances depending on which report is read or which page on the software is viewed

Hi @Paul87

If there are any particular cases where you’re seeing credit notes not being applied to either the aggregated total or the breakdown reports for suppliers, please don’t hesitate to send some details to us privately (to @QFSupport), and we can investigate.

You can show partial balances by selecting this option when viewing the invoice list:
This is manual, but if you have a power user subscription, you may be able to trigger this automatically (although I’ve not tried this myself).

Hi @Paul87 @Lurch

There have been some updates made so now the supplier bank details will show on the Supplier breakdown report.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@QFBeth @QFMathew
I dont mean to sound cheeky… but has anyone actually read the question?
Bank details were a minor issue incomparison
Bank details cause extra work but they are not what is causing me to over pay suppliers…
The issue is the handling of credit notes on the system
No 2 reports or screens give the same information when a credit note has been added to an account.

Hi @Paul87

Apologies if you feel this way. We do read every thread to try and resolve the issue(s) at hand.

As mentioned above, if you have any specific issues regarding the totals in these reports, please send them to @QFSupport privately so we can investigate them further. Unfortunately, without the details or examples, it’s difficult for us to try and diagnose and resolve these issues.

That is not my point.
My main issue is the handling of credit notes and the money that I hove lost as a business due to incorrect details on the export documents.
But… the question title has been changed by you, to bank details and the focus seems to have shifted to this
The extra work it takes to use a vlookup as negligible in comparisson to the money which has been lost due to quickfiles handling of credit notes

If you could let us know examples of export documents, we can take a look at this. As I mentioned however, we’re unable to try and resolve an issue without knowing the details of this.

You mention above about needing 3 exports:

The breakdown by supplier now includes the bank details, it didn’t before, but the aggregate total export did, but we’ve added this as a result of your post. But this report also gives the invoice numbers. Is this what you refer to with by “payment references”, or do you mean something else?

You are more than welcome to send specific examples in a private message. I would discourage you from uploading them here as this is a public thread, but we are happy to take a look with further details.

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