Adding a Purchase Ref. number automatically to an Invoice

Hi - I wondered if it’s possible to setup a client account so that the Purchase ref. number they want me to supply is automatically filled in every time I create a new invoice for them? If I create an invoice for another client I wouldn’t want this number adding automatically… Obviously I can fill it in manually every time but that’s a pain. Thanks 49ers

Usually purchase references are unique for each purchase. Nonetheless we’ll leave this feature request open and if any others wish to add their vote they can do so.

Thanks Glenn - take your point. Maybe it would be better to add another field to the Invoice Designer called “Client Supplier Ref.” rather than use the Purchase Ref. field to do this…? Rgds 49ers

I’m not sure really, there’s always the danger of cluttering the UI. Personally I think the notes box is a good “catch all”, where you can include any particulars that the client may issue.