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I am trying to add my accountant to my account but am told that as she is included on another account I have to sign up to affinity. I am presuming this relates to a previous account from an old company of mine. This company is no longer in existence and the QuickFile account no longer exists, therefore I only have one account (and one business).
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Hi @tomangel

Was the QuickFile account deleted? If so, it may be that your accountant still has access to another account through QuickFile. Are you able to confirm this with your accountant please to see if this could be the case?

I am not sure what happened with the old QF account as I believe I had to give the administrators access to the account, but certainly my old email address/log-in is no longer recognised.

I will check about the accountant’s access to other accounts. So if she has access to ANY other QF account will she not be allowed to view my one? Should it not be that SHE has to pay for additional access benefits rather than myself…? Bit confused.

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That is the more usual way round, yes - the accountant would sign up for Affinity and then access any number of different QuickFile accounts through that.

An alternative, if they only have a small number of clients using QuickFile, is to “cheat” and use the facility in things like gmail to have lots of different addresses that all deliver to the same place. For example, if you have an address then you can also use and the mail will be delivered to the same place, but each address counts as “different” for the purposes of QuickFile. You could even set up on your own GMail and make a filter rule to forward such messages to your accountant’s real address, then your accountant can use that as their QuickFile username.

(The +anything trick also works if you have your own domain set up with GSuite)

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