Adding Client Account Unique Reference to Statement

Hi I would like the Client Account Reference field to appear on the statement under the address area - is this possible

thanks in advance


You could may use css but you will need a power user subscription. If you are a power user then ian_roberts could may help you with that, as he did this a few times before for other users.
Sorry, that I couldn’t be more helpful.

(Ian, I hope it is okay to mention you here)

It depends - you can use CSS to move items around or to hide things you don’t want to see, but it can’t add new data that isn’t in the HTML already. That would require server side support which only @QFSupport can implement.

Hi @Patluke

This isn’t possible at the moment - I have moved this into a feature request and have asked the developers to look into adding it as an option.

We will update this thread if/when any changes are made