Adding Clients/Suppliers in Bulk


Is it possible to add clients in bulk? I’m a window cleaner and have lots of small clients. I’m keen for them to be able to pay on-line and so save me time and money collecting, and it will help me keep track of who still needs to pay.

Thanks for any help.

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It is indeed possible, take a look here:

Importing Clients and Suppliers

Thank you.

I don’t currently have a database, but will probably be quicker to make one and import than add them all individually.

Thanks for your help.

Personally I would just create them as you go along. You can do this very easily with bank tagging, for example from your bank you receive £100 from Mr Jones, you would tag this as a “Payment from a customer” and input the client name “Mr Jones” and a client record and invoice will be created on the fly. You can use this client record in future whenever you manually raise an invoice or tag another payment.

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