Adding currency symbol to invoices

I notice this has been doing the rounds for a few years but the feature to add a currency symbol to invoices ever get added anywhere as I would like to see this on my invoices

Hello @Biobob

You can add a symbol using the following CSS

I found this in the forum - Pound sign on estimates and invoices rather then GBP - #4 by Oikake

This will add the pound sign before the totals.

.footer-sub-total .invoice-footer-right-td:before, .footer-vat .invoice-footer-right-td:before, #invoiceBalanceAmount:before, #invoiceNetTotal:before, #invoiceAmountPaid:before, .tdItems3:before, .tdItems5:before, .tdItems6:before
    content: "£";
    padding-right: 1px;

If you preview, select invoice style gallery then customise your template
Add the code in the footer region as shown below then save and refresh the page

NOTE This code will add £ symbol only and will not adapt for other currencys.

Thanks that has worked

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