Adding exempt transactions using Receipt Hub

I can’t see any way of marking a purchase as Exempt for VAT purposes when processing it via the Receipt Hub. Is it possible?

It appears that I need to process it then follow through to the transaction that I’ve created and modify it there. Is this right?

Screenshot attached of processed receipt - I’m on VAT Flat Rate Scheme (pink line shows this) but that shouldn’t make any difference as far as I’m aware - I should still identify exempt transactions…

I assume the same would apply to transactions for import purchase invoices which require accounting for under the Postponed VAT Accounting regime?

If you are on the flat rate scheme, all purchases (unless they qualify for capital vat reclaim) should be entered gross, including vat,

You dont mark them as exempt, and you dont enter the vat amount separately,

So as postage is vat exempt, you just enter the total, nothing more needs to be done.

You dont need to declare vat exempt purchases, because the FRS does not submit purchase figures, only gross sales and vat flat rate %

Many thanks Paul. I mis-read and mis-understood what I needed to declare :frowning:
I knew that I should enter all costs gross but I didn’t realise that the costs are not shown at all on the return. All makes sense now…

I appreciate your taking the time to reply.

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