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Adding second account

I am trying to add bank feeds for NatWest
The current account is with Bankline
and the credit card is with ClearSpend (both are initially available)

Once I add one of these the option to add a feed for NatWest disappears so I cannot add the other one

I can one or the other to QuickFile but I cannot see how to add the second while keeping the first one

Hope someone can help

Hi @philCunn

Are both available under the same internet banking login? And if so, are they classed as the same entity by the bank?

We recently worked with a user where a different bank was seeing 2 current accounts as separate entities, and because of that, the bank wouldn’t allow the second one to be connected at the same time as the first - it was one or the other.

When I try to add the first feed, QuickFile lets me select NatWest. Then I see the options for BankLine and ClearSpend.
But I can only pick one (BankLine) and this allows me to add the current account
When this is finished I try to add a second account feed but now NatWest has been removed (presumably because I have used it)
But I want to add the ClearSpend credit card and cannot see how to do it - there must be a way

Many thanks for the reply

Only one line to a bank is supported I’m afraid. I’m assuming that NatWest doesn’t allow you to select both accounts at the same time? If that’s the case, it may be worth asking NatWest if there’s a way they can permit it for Open Banking.

I can do without the credit card for now. If I really needed that could I create a second QuickFile account and use that for the card?

Thanks for the reply

That would depend on NatWest. From our end, there shouldn’t be a problem to do that, but the bank may only permit one connection with QuickFile.

Rather than using another quickfile account you could just add the transactions yourself. Surely that would be the more logical answer.

Thanks for all the help Paul

We want to use QuicFile as a link between our company system and the bank accounts to automate many aspects of our company. It would have been helpful to get the credit card transactions too but that is a minor issue compared to the bank account