Adding the Client Contact number in the sales invoice

How can I add the field that would show clients contact number on the sales invoice, this number would be from within the clients ‘modify clients details section’, a number saved from there

Hi @abuhudhayfah

Unfortunately this isn’t something that’s supported at the moment.

May I ask for an example use case where you would want this? Perhaps we can suggest an alternative method?

This is actually on my list of features that I haven’t got round to following up yet! One of the Quickfile accounts is used in a retail environment and the invoices need to show the phone number so the invoice can be pulled from file (hardcopy) when goods arrive in the store and the customer informed. Basically there is no workaround for me on this, it’s a paper copy that needs the phone number.

Related, when clicking ‘new’ when selecting a client from the invoice creation screen there is no phone number field so you have to go to ‘create client’ to be able to enter a phone number, which you then have to manually copy to the invoice once it is printed out and filed.

Hi abuhudhayfah,
I do always a little workaround and may it will help you too. It is not ideal but does the job for the moment. When I create a new client/customer I use one of the address lines for the phone number - see screenshot below:


When you save the client, an clients invoice address area looks like:


You can also add the phone number on existing invoices manually by clicking Modify next to Clients Address.


Or add the phone number in one of the address line to existing clients on the clients details page by clicking Modify Clients Details.

As I said, it is not ideal and it only works if you don’t need all the lines for the address details.

drivers need to ring the client before delivery

the driver only has a copy of the invoice

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