Adding user to accounts programme

I would like to add accountant so he can view accounts can i do this with a new login in for him? I’ve added him to team but he can’t access accounts do I have to upgrade?

Hi @mertle

As soon as you add a new team member, they should be able to log in straight away.

Are they receiving any errors when trying to log in?

I believe I have found your account and your accountant. There’s a few failed log in attempts which I’ve now cleared - these may have prevented them logging in. If they are receiving any errors, please pass them this way and we should be able to help further :slight_smile:

thanks, just to check can they login with own email or does it have to company one?

if I try to log in with his email and password it just says invalid credentials!!

Hi @mertle

It can be any email address.

Invalid credentials is either incorrect email address, incorrect password, or both.

Can you confirm you account number please, and I’ll double check that you have another user on your account?

6131470587 thanks for your help

I’ll send you a private message to discuss this now. Look out for a little green notification in the top right hand corner

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