Adding VAT cost into purchases

Hi I’m new to quickfile and I’m having trouble when creating a new purchase. I’m trying to add in details for the payment I’ve made, which included a small sum of VAT I was charged. I am not VAT registered as my business is very new and not turning over much.

There is a line for VAT under sub total but I can’t edit it and there isn’t a category for it. I don’t want to go to company settings and check the box VAT registered because I’m not but that’s the only advice I can find.

Please help any info appreciated! Thanks

If you’re not VAT registered you shouldn’t be recording VAT in your books. Just enter the gross total on the receipt.

VAT is an asset/liability so if you record it when you aren’t VAT registered it will under-report your expenses and over-report your VAT liability.

Great thanks for that Glenn.

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