Address positioning for iMail (snail mail option)

I have tried to find an answer to this but cant get it sorted. In the past I have been able to send an invoice by post but the last two have failed. I realise this is because the address is in the wrong place on the invoice but cant work out how to change it. I see that you have recently changed the invoice customistaion ability but I cant work out how to re-position the address in the correct place.
Any help appreciatted.


The following screenshot is based on the template you’re currently using. The red box indicates where the address needs to be to work with the snail mail tool. You could use the CSS editor to move the address into that position however you’d end up with a lot of empty white space above. Not sure this would look great?

Have you tied the “standard” invoice template? It’s designed to work with iMail as it has the recipient address already in the correct position. Any other template would require you to edit the CSS.

How do I change to the standard template?

When previewing an invoice click the green button (top left). This will show the gallery.

You can then select the standard invoice template from the gallery.

This template positions the recipient address under the your address so it works perfectly with iMail.