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I am new to quickfile and am loving it

Just a quick one, I have entered supplier invoices and payments against them but has left my bank account a negative balance, can the amount be adjusted to 0.00 or to reflect the actual figure in my bank account

I have set up the bank feed for Barclays but says it will update at 4am and I set it up this afternoon

Thank you in advance

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If you go into your bank management screen, you can modify the opening balance by clicking on ‘modify’

Just tick the box, and fill in the details:

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the reply, appreciate it

I entered a balance of £0.00 but is still coming up as the negative balance

When did you start using QuickFile?

If you have only entered bank transactions since that day, enter your bank balance as of that morning.

So if for example, I started using QuickFile on 1st July, I would enter the opening balance as at the morning of 1st July. That way, any transactions thereafter would reflect your real bank balance (hopefully!)

I only started to use it a few days ago

Set your opening bank balance as per the morning of the day you started using QuickFile

Ahh cool sorted it now

so where I have the bank feed set up, does that keep my account balance updated or do I still have to do that?

That should keep your bank balance updated. I think It would normally pull in the transactions from the last 24 hours :smile:

Glad you got it sorted!

Ok cool sounds good

Thank you, appreciate the help and replies

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