Administrator Removal

Hi, I have been using the QuickFile accounting system for several years with great success but now have a problem!

Our volunteer administrator has moved away and says they no longer have their passwords for the system. I want to add some additional users but can’t because the original administrator is still showing. Is there anyway I can get her removed or do I need to start again?

Thanks in advance.

If you (or they) click the forgot password link they can reset the password, log in and then follow the procedure to switch the admin role to yourself (or anyone else registered as a user on the account).

Thank you for your help, I will contact them but I fear they will not respond!

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Hi @helenprosser,

If they do not respond then please send a message to @QFSupport where we can go through some security questions with you to resolve this

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Thank you that would be most helpful. I will see how I get on.

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